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Thanking Speech


Honorable Governor of the Province of North Sulawesi,

Honorable Rector of Sam Ratulangi Unversity,

Honorable Director of Southeast Asian Studies, the University of Hamburg,

Honorable Speakers, Eminent Guests, Ladies, and Gentlemen,


At last, by the grace of God the Merciful, we’ve come to the final part of our international conference after two day discussions and insight disseminations. Strategies on women’s empowerment have been revealed, ideas been put forward, and experiences from the part of the speakers been added up to our present knowledge in this conference. But we do hope that all this will not just end up in rhetoric, but there should be follow up activities as to how to implement the strategies and views into real practices. We certainly look forward to that in the near future.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We, the committee, are truly aware that despite our efforts to succeed this occasion, it wouldn’t have been possible without the favors of all the parties involved. Therefore, on this opportunity, we’d like to once again convey our sincere gratefulness to the Governor and the provincial government of the North Sulawesi, who have been very supportive to us. As well, we’d like to extend our deep thankfulness to both the Rector of Sam Ratulangi University and the Director of Southeast Asian Studies of the University of Hamburg for their continuing full support to all our activities. As the Rector has posited earlier, we sincerely hope  that activities such as this will not halt today, but there will be more mutual collaboration programs to come between the University of Hamburg and Sam Ratulangi on later days; hence, the strengthening of the two universities’ relationship.

We’d also like to express our gratitude to the Dean of Fakultas Sastra, Sam Ratulangi University, the Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Sam Ratulangi University, and the Dean of Faculty of Economics for their valuable support given to us. Our thankfulness is as well addressed to the Bureau of Women Empowerment of North Sulawesi and the Community Service Institution (LPM) of Sam Ratulangi University for being so helpful to us. Also, our appreciation goes particularly to the speakers from abroad: Prof. Dr. Sussane Schroter of the University of Passau, Germany, as the keynote speaker for today’s conference, Nora Budde and Julia Bodenschatz of the University of Hamburg, Dr. Sitti Hajar Binti Che Man of the University of Science Penang Malaysia, Dr. Matthew Weatherby of Deakin, Australia, and Cand. Ph.D Christian Oesterheld, M.Sc, as well as to the local and national presenters: Prof. Geraldine Y. J. Manoppo-Watupongoh of Sam Ratulangi University, Ms. Sus Maritje Pangemanan, S.Pd. of the House of Representatives of North Minahasa, Ir. Gretty Sumaiku of the Bureau of Women Empowerment of North Sulawesi, Dra. Lotje Kawet, SE, MS and Dr. S.L.H.V. Joice Lapian, SE, M.Ec, and Cand. Dr. Nurnaningsih of the University of Indonesia. We thank you all for your time and invaluable views and opinions which we believe have benefited all of us today. And last but not least, we’d like to thank all the participants and those who have volunteered directly and indirectly for their participations and contributions throughout the conference.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

In Indonesia, we have this saying “tak ada gading yang tak retak”, there is no ivory which is not cracked or nobody’s perfect. Having said this, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience that we may have caused before, during and even after this event. Kalau ada cincin yang patah, janganlah simpan di dalam peti; kalau ada laku atau  kata yang salah janganlah simpan di dalam hati, if there’s a broken ring, don’t put it in a chest; if there are wrong doings or false utterances, don’t keep them in your heart. Let only good and useful things brought out of this conference, and anything awful please just leave them here.


Lastly, we wish all the speakers and participants, especially those from abroad and/or from other regions in our country, a safe journey home or perhaps to other destinations. If you wish to probably stay longer in Manado, we wish you a wonderful and an enjoyable stay while you are in this small but peaceful town of ours. May the Lord bless us all. Thank you.



Manado, 4th April 2007


Drs. F. Raymond Mawikere, M.Hum.

Secretary of the Committee