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Speech by the Executive Board


Honorable Governor and Vice Governor of the North Sulawesi Province,

Honorable Rector of Sam Ratulangi University,

Honorable Director of the Department of Southeast Asian Studies, University of Hamburg,

Honorable Head of Bureau of the Women Empowerment Province of North Sulawesi,

Honorable Speakers and Participants

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I have the honour to welcome all of you to our conference today, especially those of you from abroad who took the trouble to come from distant places and thus willing to support to our aspirations in this conference. Let me extend my greetings to speakers from Germany, Malaysia, Australia, South Sulawesi and North Sulawesi. Thank you very much for your esteemed efforts to participate in our event!

It is a significant privilege to meet colleagues and people interested in our science and willing to exchange knowledge and ideas; it is even more: an essential necessity in the scientific world. Thus, it goes without saying that we intend to develop further our international networking as a necessary process of mutual support in all fields of science.

In our case here today, everything started with a student program of our counterpart at the University of Hamburg which was focused on gender studies in Indonesian and especially in Sulawesian terms. And since I am a guest lecturer in Hamburg University, particularly from Faculty of Letters, Sam Ratulangi University, I was recommended also as a lecturer of gender studies to cope with phenomena and questions about gender. It was a good experience to me since the students responded well to the matter as was shown for example yesterday by two of them in the Students’ Forum of our conference, which was held at Faculty of Social and Politics Unsrat. To me it was a good demonstration of how to encourage the local students and the students from abroad to join the activities, thus stimulate and

Ladies and Gentlemen, we also feel bound in gratitude to some sponsors, since without them we could not have organized the conference in the way we did. I would like to mention:

Sam Ratulangi University,

The Government of North Sulawesi,

Bureau of the Women Empowerment Province of North Sulawesi,

Faculty of Letters UNSRAT,

Faculty of Economic UNSRAT,

Faculty of Social and Politics UNSRAT,

The Department of Southeast Asian Studies, University of  Hamburg

The Steffen Foundation at the University of Hamburg, which supported the student activities,

Community Service Institution (LPM) UNSRAT

Last but not least I would like to thank the Rector of Sam Ratulangi University and Director of the Department Southeast Asian Studies who have signed the Memorandum of Understanding of this Conference. Thank so much to all of those who devoted themselves to organize the conference here at UNSRAT. Without our traditional basic understanding of mapalus (which means “mutual help”) we could not have dared to prepare such an event. I am grateful that we may rely upon each other, which first of all makes us strong.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee I wish all of you an inspiring and successful conference and lots of pleasant personal relations and stimulating experiences.

I hope that this event could lend support to the upcoming program of the Government of North Sulawesi Province, which is currently popular as “WORLD OCEAN CONFERENCE”(WOC). Thank you!



4 April 2007

Executive Board,



Dr. Margaretha Liwoso Carle